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NB Institute of Rural Technology (NBIRT) is a premier multi-disciplinary renewable energy and rural technology research and training institute of the eastern & North East India. The Institute was registered in the year 1989. Since then, the institute is executing numbers of scheme & projects sponsored by Government, different Institution, World Bank, UNDP etc. for the welfare of the society. The institute has offices and research centre in the following places –

  • Tripura

  • Guwahati

  • Kolkata


The main activity centre of NBIRT is located at “ARKANEER”, Sekerkote, under West Tripura District. The Institute has Hostel facility at Arkaneer premises.

NBIRT is recognised as a research centre by the Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of Indian and the Institute is implementing different research and other welfare scheme in different states of India in collaboration with

1. Skill Development Dept., Govt. of Tripura

2. TATA Strive

3. Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, (DEEMED UNIVERSITY)

4. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

5. Sheffield University, UK.

6. Guwahati Down Town University,

7. Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, Guwahati

8. Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata

9. Tripura Central University, Tripura.

For implementation of the schemes the institute gets financial support from-

1. Government of India,

2. Government of Tripura,

3. Government of Assam

4. Government of West Bengal.

5. World Bank





10. ONGC

11. NISE (MNRE, Govt. of India)


The thrust areas of activities of the institute are-

  • Field research on renewable energy

  • Skill development programme

  • Entrepreneurship development programme

  • Field demonstration programme with new technology in the areas of energy, housing, sanitation food processing and potable water.

  • Education Related Programme.


Various professionals & experts are working in the institute to fulfil the following objects of the institute.


To carrying out the activities The Institute has the following Divisions—

  1. Science Popularization Division

  2. Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Division

  3. Vocational Training Division

  4. Management Institute Division

  5. Construction Division

  6. Rural Technology Division (Science and Society)


Prof. (Dr.) S.P. Gon Choudhury


Debmalya Gon Chaudhuri

Technical Advisor

Richik GhoshThakur

Project Head

Kapil Baran Bhowmik

Vice President

P. C. Sharma

Head Assam Centre

Mohit Lal Acharjee


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Registered Office:

Arkaneer, Sekerkote, West Tripura 799130

Kolkata Office:

220 Madurdaha, Kolkata, West Bengal 700107

Guwahati Office:

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