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ARKA GURUKUL Students Embark on Educational Tour to Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

Young Learners Explore Wildlife and Natural Beauty on Enriching Field Trip

On June 13, 2024, students from ARKA GURUKUL enjoyed an educational tour to Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary. The trip was led by Mrs. Tultul Chakraborty, Principal of ARKA GURUKUL, with assistance from Mr. Nandan Chakraborty. Thirteen students participated in the tour, which provided a unique opportunity to explore the sanctuary's diverse wildlife and scenic beauty.

During the visit, the students roamed around the sanctuary, observing various wild animals, birds, and other creatures in their natural habitat. The experience offered them a deeper appreciation of nature and wildlife conservation. The students expressed great delight in the tour, finding it both educational and enjoyable.

This educational tour exemplifies ARKA GURUKUL's commitment to providing enriching learning experiences beyond the classroom, fostering a connection with nature and promoting environmental awareness among young learners.

13 Jun 2024

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