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Empowering Rural Entrepreneurs: Candle Making & Packaging Training Program Ignites Entrepreneurship

NB Institute for Rural Technology Nurtures Skills with Support from Khadi and Village Industries Commission

The NB Institute for Rural Technology (NBIRT), situated in Sekerkote, Tripura, has been instrumental in fostering entrepreneurship among rural communities through its latest initiative – the Candle Making & Packaging Training Program. Supported by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), this program aims to equip participants with practical skills and knowledge essential for candle making and packaging, along with insights into marketing strategies.

Under the guidance of Mr. Nandan Chakraborty as the Workshop Attendant and Mr. Arun Acharjee as the Training Coordinator, the training program is divided into three stages: Motivational Stage, Skill Development (Hands-on Training), and Enterprise Launching Stage.

The program unfolds in two distinct batches:

1st Batch: 22nd February, 2024 – 7th March, 2024

The inauguration ceremony of the first batch took place on February 22, 2024, with esteemed dignitaries including Mr. Kapil Baran Bhowmik, Vice President of NBIRT, Mr. Abhijit Gonchoudhury, Secretary of NBIRT, Mr. P.L. Ghosh, Senior Engineer and Advisor, and Mr. Mohit Lal Acharjee, Treasurer of NBIRT. Twenty enthusiastic trainees embarked on a 15-day journey of skill development. A valedictory function held on March 7, 2024, marked the successful completion of the training, with Master Trainer Smt. Rita Rani Paul Das gracing the occasion.

2nd Batch: 11th March, 2024 – 27th March, 2024

The second batch commenced its training on March 11, 2024, with similar enthusiasm and participation. Notable figures present at the inauguration included Mr. Mohit Lal Acharjee, Treasurer of NBIRT, Mr. Kapil Baran Bhowmik, Vice President of NBIRT, and Mrs. Rita Rani Pal Das, Master Trainer. Like the first batch, this group of twenty trainees underwent rigorous training for 15 days, culminating in a valedictory function on March 27, 2024.

Both batches successfully completed their assessments, showcasing their newfound skills and expressing gratitude for the invaluable training received. The program not only equips participants with practical skills but also instills a sense of confidence and empowerment, paving the way for entrepreneurship and economic independence in rural communities.

The Candle Making & Packaging Training Program stands as a testament to NBIRT's commitment to rural development, supported by the vision and collaboration of KVIC. As participants embark on their entrepreneurial journeys, they carry with them the torch of innovation and empowerment, illuminating the path towards a brighter future for rural India.

29 Mar 2024

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