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NB Institute for Rural Technology and Ramthakur College Join Forces for Skill Development and Environmental Awareness

MOU Signed to Foster Technical Skill Development and Combat Global Warming

In a significant move towards fostering technical skill development and environmental consciousness, the NB Institute for Rural Technology (NBIRT) and Ramthakur College (RTC) of Tripura joined hands by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on March 15th, 2024. The MOU, aimed at enhancing technical skills, promoting entrepreneurship, and raising awareness about environmental issues, marks a pivotal collaboration between the renowned institutions.

The signing ceremony, held at the smart classroom of Ramthakur College, saw the presence of distinguished dignitaries including Dr. S.P. Gonchoudhury, President of NBIRT, Sri Nabendu Sengupta, Principal In-Charge of RTC, Dr. Chitra Pal, former Principal of RTC, and other esteemed members from both institutions.

During the event, Dr. Gonchoudhury delivered an inaugural speech emphasizing the urgency of addressing global warming and preserving the Earth for future generations. He proposed various measures to combat climate change and urged students to take proactive steps towards environmental sustainability.

Additionally, a one-day seminar on global warming was conducted by the organizers, providing attendees with valuable insights into the pressing environmental challenges faced by the planet.

Expressing gratitude for the collaboration, Mr. Nabendu Sengupta highlighted that this MOU signifies the first-ever formal partnership between NBIRT and Ramthakur College. Both institutions have committed to working together on skill development and entrepreneurship initiatives, benefiting both present and former students.

The MOU represents a significant step forward in leveraging the strengths of both NBIRT and Ramthakur College to nurture talent, foster innovation, and address critical environmental issues, thereby contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future.

15 Mar 2024

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